"Ray McKee is not only good to work with, but he's also fun to work with......During my successful campaign for my third term as Mayor of Roanoke, Ray and I kicked around a few slogans, color schemes and logos.....We obviously hit on a winner with my ubiquitous yellow and black Bowers/Mayor/Run David Run signs, designed and ordered by Ray, which were plastered all over the city, helping me to a 57% victory........Ray knows the business, and he's down-to-earth, helpful and listens to what his clients want .......Ray's website might be "sellthesizzle.com", but Ray is just the guy who will help you SIZZLE THE SALE........I wholeheartedly thank him for his help and friendship, and endorse him to one and all."
David Bowers - Mayor - Roanoke, Virginia

"We have been working with Ray McKee for years and have tremendously appreciated the quality of his service. He offers a rare level of personal attention that keeps us coming back, and his eagerness to serve his customers with excellence is clear. He's not just seeking to make the sale--he really cares about whether we're satisfied with what we buy from him. His sound recommendations, the samples he's provided, and the sale prices he's pointed out to us have repeatedly helped us to find exactly the promotional items we wanted. When we've been working on a tight deadline, he's gotten our products to us in time, and when we've run into problems with a vendor, he hasn't rested until he could get them to make it right. We highly recommend Star-Spangled Specialties and thank Ray for all of his efforts on our behalf!" 
F. M. (Marketing) - Blue Ridge Women's Center - Roanoke, Virginia

"Ray, you have always dealt with us honestly and I believe you truly care about the success of our business.  I hope this token of appreciation will serve as a reminder to you of how much I value our business relationship."
K.C.C. - Senior Vice-President Marketing & Public Relations - Roanoke Area Credit Union

Thank you for your explicit and unique skills in addressing small or large groups and having them realize completely what you were telling them about their job and the business that they are an important part of. Your delivery is so mind-grabbing that everyone in attendance fully conceives what you are telling them about their organization and how to improve it operationally. I look forward to having you address both our headquarters personnel in metro Atlanta and possibly our London, UK office. Again Ray thanks for your wonderful performance.
Chuck McCorvey, Sr. - Managing Director/CEO - The GIA GROUP, Ltd.  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to take me under your wing, so to speak.  You are such an unselfish person and gave up valuable sales time to throw around ideas and gave me that kick in the rear that I needed.  You are an excellent motivator and gave valuable tips I needed to make my goals seem more reachable."
M.M. - President - Marketing Company - Texas

"With Ray's guidance, I've been able to launch my photography business like never before.  I've tried to get my business to profit for about 3 years before Mr. McKee gave me the tools to be able to market myself in a manner that gets me a steady flow of business.  He's taught me how to make website, business cards, and myself more marketable, and now, the only time I'm not booked for a shoot is if weather is bad or I decide not to take a booking at that time.  Thanks so much, Ray!"
Jámore - Professional Photographer - http://scifiphotoguys.com - Virginia

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me.  The hour you spent talking with me was one of the best things I could have done to grow my business.  Your opinions were very insightful and were the answers I was looking for.  I recommend that anybody that wants to grow their business to sit down and really listen to the things you have to say."
Toye Oshoniyi - President - EnviroScapes LLC - Roanoke

"Recently Ray was invited to be a keynote speaker for a second district meeting.  His overall theme was Learn to Earn...More, with the specific subject entitled "Selling the Sizzle & Other Secrets to Selling Success."
His presentation was well orchestrated, enthusiastically presented, and inspired audience participation.  This was an excellent learning experience for all in attendance, most particularly the independent dealers.  One walked away with not only good selling tips, but also the motivation to implement them.
Ray's enthusiasm is contagious.  Add to that his knowledge of marketing and advertising...you have a winner.

Lois F. Keenan (Executive Director) - Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association

"I would like to recommend Raymond F. McKee, President of U.S. Success Marketing Group and Star-Spangled Specialties for motivational and idea generating workshops and as a consultant.
Mr. McKee has on two occasions met with our run/walk committee to assist with organizing and promoting this very big undertaking.  He has brought energy and many good ideas to the table.  The committee is very enthused and we are all rising to a new level with this 32 year old event.  The excitement he emits is contagious.  He helps everyone turn around their thinking and look at bigger possibilities.  The unlikely now becomes the possible.  Most of all he believes in what he is doing and in the people he is working with.  He will continue to work with us on this project.
We are very fortunate to have met Mr. McKee quite by circumstance and will value his contributions to our efforts for a long time to come.  I would highly recommend him as a consultant or to conduct a workshop for your organization or in planning a particular project or event."

Judith F. Hagadorn (President) - HEALTH FOCUS of Southwest Virginia

"Thank you for the excellent job of speaking to our staff.  You made clear things that I have tried to communicate but have not been able to connect.  Your enthusiasm was contagious and my employees have definitely raised their game to a new level.  Our CSR's now are "smiling" when they answer the phones and our "stampers" are feeling real good about going the extra mile in creating quality imprints.  The sample room staff now sees that their jobs are truly an inportant part of our success.  Hearing that from me was not the same as hearing it from an end customer and the same can be said for other staff members you addressed.  I look forward to working with you in the future."
Thomas O'Boyle (CEO) - Journalbooks® - Charlotte, NC


For more information CALL (540) 563-1994 (Roanoke Valley)
- Ask for Ray McKee -


WHO Is Our Ideal Customer

We are always eager to work with, and invest time in, the client who understands and values effective marketing & advertising techniques
relative to the pursuit of a better bottom line in their entrepreneurial endeavor.

WHAT We Help You Accomplish

By the proper use of appropriate marketing strategies and advertising media, we are able to assist in the successful accomplishments of your business' marketing goals and objectives.

  • Increase business volume/traffic
  • Increase customer awareness
  • Increase referrals
  • Increase sales
  • Increase repeat business clients


Simply put, a better, more profitable bottom-line is what it's all about, both for you and for us.  As for providing a needed product/service, that's what YOU do best.  As for getting your message to the end-user (the paying client), that is what WE do best.

WHY Star-Spangled Specialties

For almost a quarter of a century we've faithfully served thousands of small businesses just like yours.  We KNOW what works...and what doesn't.  We understand that your marketing budget is limited and for that reason we work hard to help you become the best steward of what you do have to spend so that you are assured of a greater return on any investment you should make with us.

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Star-Spangled Specialties
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Raymond F. McKee


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